Tell Nigerians how you became rich overnight – Kalu tells Obasanjo

Tell Nigerians how you became rich overnight – Kalu tells Obasanjo

Orji Kalu, former Abia State Governor, has launched an attack on former President, Olusegun Obasanjo over the former’s alleged corrupt “nature.”

Kalu challenged the former President to tell Nigerians how he “suddenly” transformed from a farmer in 1998 to a billionaire, “in the following years.”

Speaking in Lagos, yesterday, the former governor dared Obasanjo to disclose to the world how he made money he used in building his mansion in Ota farm.

He also declared that the United Nations, UN, United Kingdom, UK, have rejected Obasanjo due to his corrupt “nature.”

The All Progressives Congress, APC, chieftain noted that Obasanjo has been considered irrelevant in the international community and Nigeria due to the damage he has done to the country.

He said, “For Obasanjo, no President can do anything that will satisfy him. Nothing done by any other President is good; nobody can do anything that is good in his eyes, except that which is done by him, which is the nature of Obasanjo.

“But I can assure you that the international community has rejected him, nobody recognises Obasanjo anymore because of the damage he has done to the country. The problem we are going through in this country is caused by Obasanjo.

“Obasanjo is no more relevant in the United Nations, in the United Kingdom , in the United States, they have all rejected him, he is only a superstar in the African Union.

“Many Nigerians know this truth about Obasanjo, but they are afraid to say it because they are afraid of being punished by somebody. That is not right, that is why he continues to write those letters. But In APC we do not consider his letters seriously, and that explains why nobody is taking his letters seriously.

“I personally wrote Obasanjo a letter on the alleged corruption during his eight years rule and he has not replied me. I am going to publish that letter very soon for young Nigerians to read. He is busy labelling everybody as corrupt; let him tell Nigerians how he suddenly transformed from a farmer in 1998 to a billionaire in the years that followed.

“How did he come by the mansions in Abeokuta? When I visited him in 1998 in his Ota Farm with President Babangida to convince him to run for president in 1999, Ota Farm was dead. So, where did he get the billions of naira he put in Ota Farm from? Nigeria is a country where people don’t ask questions; otherwise people like Obasanjo should be resting in jail.”

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