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Tonto Dikeh And Nanny Drama Still Going As Copy Of Nanny’s Schengen Visa Is Posted On IG

Nanny Says she has only been to Ghana with Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh and this was posted on Instagram to prove that she lied.

I dont Understand this at all.

Clap for Nanny ??? lmao .. “I know Tonto Dikeh spends 24 hours with her son everyday except he is in school or she is on a job where she can’t take him or an occasion like the EU thing and 1 or 2 non child friendly ones (time). Morning; I am getting King ready for school. Afternoon, I am picking King from school. Late afternoon; Ooh King is so clingy we are playing, oh my God, I can’t chase King now, he is a big boy, awww let me change King now etc, evening, I’m feeding King now etc. Bedtime; “my dear, I let me take everything I will need like water etc into the bedroom cos I just put King to sleep so I need to quickly rush and take everything I need into the bedroom so I don’t have to come out of the bedroom again. Weekend di3, 24/7 unless it’s an event she can’t take her son with her. I remember when I asked, “Ah, I thought your nanny is a leave in one”.
She said oh yes she is, why do you ask? I answered, cos there is no time you will tell me he is with nanny. She said yes oo unless I have to travel like when I went to Warri etc to work (charity) and I feel it’s going to be busy and I wouldn’t want him to be too tired”. Hmmm Nanny. Smh. .
So if Tonto is always abusing you then why didn’t you go with loving gentle Oga when they split? Trust me, Oga dey dash rich people lands and cash so he would have sorted you out correct like the way he made sure you got to Lagos for this interview. Lmaoo. .

If Tonto is always abusing you then why did you come back when she discharged you from your duties 2 months ago? .
You obviously came back cos your job is comfortable and your madam treats you well, or? .

You are only saying all these cos you obviously know there is no job for you no matter who comes to beg Tonto to give you your job back after you told people she abandoned you at the hospital, right? .
Like who goes to hospital, gets discharged and goes back again with no money. .

In both videos, some of us didn’t see a woman in an unbearable pain. Come on people, we’ve all been ill before and we know when it’s unbearable. Please, in the picture is Nanny’s over swollen legs in the green truck suit oo lol. Hmm

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