Tunde Demuren reveals why he allowed OAP Toolz speak about their trials

Tunde Demuren reveals why he allowed OAP Toolz speak about their trials

Tunde Demuren has spoken on the reason why he use to prevented his wife, OAP Toolz, from granting interviews about their personal life.

According to him, he felt they weren’t quite ready to let the world in on their private life which includes their trials and tribulations.

However, he revealed that some part of their affair has been shared by Toolz in an interview with Genevieve Magazine.

He believes that allowing a little bit to be known by the public will go a long way in helping people who are going though similar situation.

Tunde Demuran wrote:

”So my boo is on the cover of @genevievemagazine .. true confession, I have been the reason why she didn’t do interviews addressing some of our trials and tribulations because I want to keep our private lives private and I wasn’t sure that I was ready to share certain hard times with the world.. but I know a lot of people go thru similar difficulties and we both know that sharing ours may in some small way help somebody out there… so take a minute to check it out, and I hope it helps whoever needs it at this time.”

The curvy beauty who recently launched a lingerie line for plus-sized women, addressed her heartbreaking miscarriage late last year.

An excerpt reads:

“I’m much better now, thanks to God. I did sadly lose my baby but I’m almost there now.

“I would like to share my story with Genevieve; there’s no one else I would trust with it. Please do let me know your thoughts. Thank you”.

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