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TV host, Bolanle Olukanni shows off her stretch marks as she speaks on self-love (Photos)

Media personality, Bolanle Olukanni has shared pictures which show her rocking a dress that reveals the stretch marks she has on her shoulders.

According to the NdaniTV host, she finally realized it’s best to self-love after years of thinking the stretch marks were a disfigure to her looks.

Bolanle Olukanni shows

Bolanle Olukanni shared on her IG page,

“I first got stretch marks on my shoulders when I had my first Growth spurt . I was probably 12. All my friends would wear tank tops and spaghetti tops and I felt like I had to cover my shoulders. It affected my confidence during my teenage years and I spent my early early adulthood hiding my shoulders. Well , I finally got over it and I realized it’s not a big deal . So to women and men who have stretch marks and feel self-conscious about it …please don’t – you are beautiful no matter what ! #beautylook #growingpains #stretchmarks #flawsandall”.

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