See Types of Vegetarians & What Makes them Different from Each other

A vegetarian doesn’t eat meat, including chicken, fish, beef and in some cases might stay off animal produce like eggs, honey and diary products as well (some eat these as not all vegetarians stay off animals and their produce).

There are different types of vegetarians so if deciding to embrace the lifestyle, it’s best to know where they belong/where they want to be:

1. Pesci Vegetarian

The Pesci Vegetarian eats fish, eggs, dairy but won’t eat chicken or meat.

2. The Flexitarian

The Flexitarian are ‘semi-vegetarians’ who avoid animal products but not totally as they eat meat or fish once in a while.

3. Lacto Vegetarian

The Lacto vegetarian are those who don’t eat fish, meat, poultry and eggs but do dairy products!

4. Ovo Vegetarian

The Ovo vegetarian eats eggs but won’t eat fish, meat, poultry or even dairy products.

5. Lacto–Ovo Vegetarian

Lacto–Ovo vegetarians is common. They eat dairy products and eggs but not fish, meat or poultry.

6. Vegans

There are vegans who don’t eat any animals products nor its produce. Vegans essentially don’t eat meat, chicken, eggs, dairy, honey.

s people become older, there’s usually a conscious effort to stay healthier making a lot of people adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, while eating healthy and organic should form a lifestyle embracing a vegetarian lifestyle tends to help the entire body system as studies revealed vegetarian diets help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

So which lifestyle would you choose if you’re planning to switch to a vegetarian lifestyle?

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