UN explains why Sudan must pardon bride who killed own husband

UN explains why Sudan must pardon bride who killed own husband

The United Nations, UN, has called on Sudan to pardon a 19-year-old girl sentenced to death after she killed her husband who raped her.

DAILY POST recalls that Noura Hussein is facing death by hanging after a Sharia court, which follows Islamic religious laws, found her guilty of premeditated murder for stabbing her husband, a Consular officer, Habibu Almu, who was involved in raping her.

The UN Women, UN Population Fund and UN Office of the Special Advisor on Africa, in a joint statement on Sunday appealed to President Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s government for clemency for Hussein, saying that she was only a victim of child marriage and acted in self-defence.

“Reports indicate that she was forced against her will into marriage at the age of 16. She was raped by her husband while his three male relatives held her down.

“Speaking as the voices of women and girls of the world, we plead with the government of Sudan to save the life of Hussein.” The joint statement read in part.

The case has so far attracted international attention.

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