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She’s Not my Type of Woman’ – Usher Slams Plus Sized Accuser

Usher has denied sleeping with one of his accusers, the plus sized lady who claimed the singer exposed her to herpes.

Sharpton Quantasia at a press conference in New York city on Monday spoke about hooking up with Usher two years ago while celebrating her 19th birthday at one of the singer’s concerts. She alleged that he brought her on stage, and later ended up in her room where had sex.

According to TMZ, sources say Usher told them he may have pulled her up on stage but he doesn’t remember and he absolutely didn’t hook up with her.

As for why he may have picked Sharpton out of the crowd and brought her onstage, the sources say Usher “looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels.”

One of the sources said he believes it’s “an esteem booster” to choose various people Usher sees in the audience and single them out.

It has also been revealed Sharpton had claimed on social media that she needed money just one week ago before the conference.

TMZ reports that Sharpton who goes by Angel Valentino on social media – wrote on Facebook: “I need some money.”

There are reports that the young lady might be suing the singer for financial purposes.


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