5 ways Game of Throne could Possibly end

The end is almost near for “Game of Thrones,” which will clock in at just six episodes in either 2018 or 2019.
Who will sit on the Iron Throne in the end? How will the show end? These are some of the often asked questions by die-hard fans of the successful HBO show.

Fans treat the end with a mixture of hope and dread: Sunday would forever become just a day; unless a new great show surfaces, combined with the fact that the show may never have a satisfying ending.
For seven seasons, the people of Westeros have kept fans busy, speculating how it would end.
Here are five possible ways the show could end.

1. The White Walkers emerge the winner

So far, the Night King is outplaying everyone. The last time we saw the White Walkers, they were on a march against the living.
The Wall is ruined and they have an undead dragon on their side, the stage is set for the beginning of an epic end.
While this is one ending that would disappoint many, the White Walkers could end up wiping out humanity and ruling the Seven Kingdoms.

2. Someone is reading a history book or dreaming


Someone could be reading the entire events of the past seasons from a book – Ser Dervos or perhaps, Sam Tally.
Bran wakes up with Catelyn Stark seated beside him, attending to his wounds from the tower fall: the past seasons have been a dream.
3. A united nation


This is “Game of Thrones,” where good things rarely happen, but, this prediction is, without doubt, the most plausible.
Here’s how this could happen: The ever peaceful Jon Snow decides to negotiate with the Night King, and they come to an agreement. The dead return to their base.
Jon marries his aunt and lover Daenerys to maintain peace between the North and the South.
The two would then occupy the Iron Throne, which was previously occupied by Cersei, who was killed earlier by Arya Stark using Littlefinger’s face.
4. Or the negotiation could go South


Snow’s attempt at a negotiation to end the conflict with the White Walkers could go South.

Dany, who is still emotional after the death of her dragon – she could lose one more in the upcoming final season battle – would insist on fighting to the finish.

For the sake of the peace and safety of every other person in Westeros, Jon is forced to kill Dany. He becomes the king of the seven kingdoms.

5. Everyone Dies


It would be a shame to see no one on the Iron throne, also,  complete decimation of Westeros comes across as an easy way to end the show.

After seven years of epic battles, dialogue and all, “Game of Thrones” deserves a memorable finale in TV history.

There are so many ways “Game of Thrones” could end, but whichever it decides to go with, “GOT” is one show that can’t shock us anymore.

But, this is “Game of Thrones,” we can’t possibly have a happy ending. Or can we?



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