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What Saraki said at APC congress in Kwara State

Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has boasted that he will teach Nigerians how the political game is played, saying “politics cannot be learnt overnight”.

Saraki stated this on Saturday, at the venue of the APC state congress held in Ilorin.

He said Nigerians’ eyes were on Kwara State politics stating that “nothing is perfect in politics”.

The lawmaker also assured his supporters that there is no cause for alarm on the trending issues in the country.

“There is nowhere in this country where you will see the serving governor, former governor and former-former governor sitting together just like we have it today. We shall show Nigerians how political game is being played.

“My people, there is no problem about all what you have being hearing at the national level; we are up to the task.

“You can see that my face is shining, I am not disturbed because I know that you are all behind me,” Saraki said.

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Not so Mimi. We all hav accidents and bad ppl amongst us. Besides it is very wrong to judge a people by the actions of a few among them. It is not as if the South is free from such casses is it?

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