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Why APC failed Nigerians – Gov. Dickson

Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State has stated that the reasons the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led government failed because it was still behaving as if it was in the opposition.

The Governor, who fielded questions from the Sun, said the continued demonization of the PDP and its members by the APC- led government led to its inability to perform.

He maintained that the ruling party would judged by what it has achieved between 2015 and the election in 2019 and not what the PDP government failed to do in the 16 years it ruled the country.

Dickson said, “Quite frankly, this is part of what is wrong with Nigerian politics now, the constant demonisation of the PDP by the APC, is childish, laughable and uncalled for.

“Because sometimes you have a feeling that the APC even though in power is still behaving like a party in opposition and is still on a campaign mode.

“I would have thought that after all the things they said that the PDP did not do well; they will go ahead and do things rightly.

“Here in this state, there was a governor who was here for almost six years and I know what I am seeing in all the files, in all projects and in all programmes.

“But I did not waste any time looking behind to pursue people? I simply drew a red line and did things differently. You do not need to say you inherited an empty treasury, are treasuries meant to be full and be handed over?

“Treasuries are meant to be used to work. The point is that at the end of the day, every incumbent will be judged not by the failure of the preceding government but by what they themselves have done.

“And I think as the days and months draw closer, the more they will come to that realisation that they will be judged by what they do and what they did not do, and not what PDP did.

“I think they (APC) could have done better than they are doing. Quite frankly, the PDP made these mistakes but the PDP also achieved a lot for our democracy and for our country.

“There is currently too much division in our country so the APC- led government has to unify the country. There has to be a country first of all before you can claim you are in power.

“The APC has not been able to unify the country as much as one would expect. Just look at the wanton killings and destructions of precious life, not only by Boko Haram, because now there are the herdsmen and we are told we are under a foreign invasion and yet you are not addressing these issues.”

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