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How will I know he’s not going to dump me?

I’m a student met this guy, he’s older than me with good five years, he’s very respectful and he works.
We started as friends then I became hooked. It’s been three years he last dated before we began this relationship but I’m scared.
I think he just wants to mess around with me. The more I try to decipher his intentions, the more it seems he likes me but I seriously doubt it.
He doesn’t take me out. He just prefers to stay with me indoors and play with me, claiming that I’m too pretty and he doesn’t want me to be taken.
I have fallen for this guy. I’m even seeing a future with him but I’m scared; what if he doesn’t have the same future for me?
I have been in the relationship for three months, I don’t want anybody to use me to satisfy himself and leave me hanging.
Please what do you think, is this guy pretending and really just wants to use me?
Dear reader,
I sense you are being overly worried. You need to let your hair down and enjoy the relationship a bit more.
I understand the thing with being on guard so as not to be used and dumped. But then, you should not overdo it.
As you said, his intentions seem sincere enough. He seems to like you so much.
I feel if you have been reasonably careful, you need to also give people the benefit of doubt.

About not going out and not being seen together in public, I think you need to bring this up with him and actually insist if you have to.
Lovers go on date. Even if he does not like it, he should, at least, go out with you once in a while.
Hopefully he agrees and allays your suspicion and makes you happy.