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Buhari govt replies PDP on N10 trillion loot

The Federal Government on Thursday in Abuja berated the opposition for “throwing spurious allegation” that N10 trillion has been looted under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said that such false allegation could only come from “an opposition that is unserious, very disdainful of the truth and lacks ideas’’.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Governing Council of Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), the minister said “they (opposition) erroneously believed that being in opposition means crying wolf where there is none’’.

“They spew out fake information at the speed of light! Where is the seriousness in an opposition party throwing out a spurious figure of 10 trillion as the amount of money that has been looted under the present administration?

“What is Nigeria’s annual national budget? How do you react to an opposition that is deliberately perpetually blind to the monumental achievements of this administration?

“As I said at a press conference recently, this administration has recorded a number of unprecedented achievements, seen and acknowledged by Nigerians who have benefitted from them.’’

Mohammed said the Buhari administration which inherited 2,690 megawatts of power, had taken it to 7,000MW.

He said the government had taken Nigeria closer to self-sufficiency in rice than any administration before them.

“We are just two years away from meeting our target production of six million MT of milled rice, which is Nigeria’s total rice consumption.

“We increased the number of rice farmers from five million to an all-time high over 11 million, and we have cut Nigeria’s rice import bill of 1.65 billion dollar annually by 90 per cent the highest such cut ever,’’ he said

According to the minister, the administration is feeding 8.2 million pupils in 45,394 schools in 24 states, and employing 87,261 cooks.

He said the government is paying conditional cash transfer of N5,000 monthly to 297,973 poorest and most vulnerable households, never before done in Nigeria.

“We are building roads, rail and power, spending an unprecedented N2.7 trillion on infrastructure alone in just two years and we have raised capital expenditure in the yearly national budget to an unprecedented 30 per cent.

“On the average, our Social Investment Programmes have benefitted nine million people, either in N-POWER, GEEP, Home-Grown School Feeding Programme or Conditional Cash Transfer.”

Mohammed said the government had retaken every inch of Nigeria’s territory from insurgents, adding that the economy was also back on the path of growth, after the recession of 2016-2017.

The minister, who supported his assertions with figures, said Nigeria moved up 24 places on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings in 2017, and was listed among the 10 most Improved economies.

“We are fighting corruption like never before, with our Whistle blowing Policy yielding N13.8 billion from tax evaders, as well as N7.8 billion, 378 million dollars, 27,800 Pounds recoveries from public officials.

“We are also combating the security challenges facing the country, either in the North-east, the North-central or elsewhere,’’ he said.

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Those who need a change should speed it by voting,changing GEJ is not the best option,the best option to my opinion is to make our leaders at all levels of government accountable for policies and monies spent.The era of blaming past leaders should stop.New ones are appointed to solve failures of the past through strategies and if they cant(as records have shown)they have failed too.Our leaders should explain their blue print for the future with time frame,this would be used as a yard stick to measure them.Pastor Bakare is not ripe to lead Nigeria and he should stop painting the president as incapable.What plans has his church for poverty elevation or raising the standard of living of his church members ? Non