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Democracy Day: Otti Knocks Abia Governor, Ikpeazu

Democracy Day: Otti knocks Abia Governor, Ikpeazu

Dr. Alex Otti, governorship candidate of All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, in the 2015 general election in Abia State has felicitated with the people of the state and the country on the occasion of the 2018 Democracy Day celebration.

Otti, in a statement issued by his media aide, Ferdinand Ekeoma expressed disappointment over the sorry state of Abia.

He alleged that within three years of the current administration in the state, the government had failed to steer the vehicle of governance in a manner that would lift the people from the doldrums of poverty and hopelessness.

The statement reads, “Fellow Abians, I bring you yet another warm felicitation on the occasion of this year’s Democracy Day celebration.

“This year’s celebration is very special in many respects. One, it marks the third anniversary since the present democratic dispensation came on board, and by extension since the inauguration of the present Abia state government.

“Secondly, it is the year preceding the critical 2019 election year when you would have the opportunity once again to decide your socio-political and economic future as Abians.

“And thirdly, this year’s celebration provides you with the final opportunity to carefully assess the performance of the present Abia state government before the aforementioned election year sets in, so as to draw a reasonable conclusion that would enable you take firm stand ahead of 2019.

“Making a juxtaposition of what’s on ground as administrative output of the present government with your general unbiased views as Abians, it’s very easy to reach a conclusion that the present government has sadly failed to steer the vehicle of governance in a manner that would lift you from the doldrums of poverty and hopelessness, to a veritable economic pedestal that would show you hope and great opportunities.

“I do not seek to patronize or appeal to the present government at this point in time to turn a new leaf from its notorious arrogance that has seen it reward constructive disagreement with destructive defamations, while unleashing unchallenged obnoxious policies that have ensured the economic stagnation of our state, rather I have come to urge you to redouble your resolve and remain firm and resolute as we collectively look up to a brighter day which shall come to actualization in no distant time.

“While I do not intend to remind you of your economic woes at this time of sober reflection, when you should actually be celebrating Democracy Day amid pomp and pageantry, I however, regret to state that socio-political and economic indices clearly show that Abia remains on the downward spiral in Agriculture, Education, Health, Security, General Infrastructure, Industrialization etc.

“Unfortunately, the government either by omission or commission seems to be squandering what’s accruing to the state while at the same time incurring debts without clear cut strategy and futuristic plan for repayment, thus planting a landmine for the Abia unborn generations.

“Let me remind us of our civic responsibility to stand against evil, anywhere we see one. I have no doubt that this government would want to address us trying to either tell lies about its achievements or give excuses for its failure to perform. My message to you is that an incompetent government is an incompetent government, no matter the number of awards it pays for and receives or the number of sponsored endorsements.

“Unfortunately, Abia State irredeemably falls into that situation. Your only job is to ensure that this government is terminated at the end of its tenor in 2019. If while expecting your votes for another tenure, they treated you this way, imagine when they do not require anything from you. The simple conclusion is that this government does not deserve and will not have a second term.”

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