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Dino Melaye: 10 lessons from travails of APC Senator

The travails of Senator Dino Melaye will actually serve different purposes to different people.

Dino Melaye is a Nigerian politician, a Senator and member of the 8th National Assembly. He is representing Kogi West.

More importantly, Dino is a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress. APC, and is currently the Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

Melaye was one of the outstanding figures in 2015 during the campaign that brought President Muhammadu Buhari to power. The senator even held the microphone and served as MC in most of Buhari’s campaign rallies.

He has, however, stepped on toes of members of the ruling class in the current administration. This has now made it difficult for Nigerians to know where exactly his problems are coming from.

There are, however, some lessons one can derive from the senator’s sage.

1. Nigerian politics is highly undemocratic. When in government, do not talk too much as Nigeria’s democracy is somewhat close to aristocracy and authoritarianism. experiences have shown that there is a limit to what people can say while in government, despite one’s position. Dino’s regrets may have been that he was bold in an undemocratic setting.

2. Clear absence of separation of power: As a lawmaker, the only way to remain safe is to understand that there is no clear-cut separation of power; even as checks and balances remain ineffective. Dino’s greatest undoing was failing to realize that the Nigerian kind of democracy, does not allow for open criticisms of those in charge.

3. He who goes to equity must go with clean hands. Melaye would have survived his current travail if his hands were completely clean.

4. He who lives in ‘glass house’ must not throw stones. Dino in this case should have crossed carpeted to the other side become an opposition. His criticisms would have made more sense.

5. Lawmakers must not take executive excesses for granted. Saraki and his people failed to act on several occasions. Despite Senate’s rejection of Magu, he has remained in charge. Many Chief Executives had in the past refused to appear before the senate, but actions were treated with globe hands. The legislative body in charge of

6. Hypocrisy in the highest order: Nigerian politicians are hypocritical.

7. In politics generally, no permanent enemy, no permanent friend. As these politicians are fighting today, Nigerians should learn to remain neutral as they may become friends tomorrow. It won’t be so shocking to have Dino campaigning for Buhari ahead of 2019.

8. Nigerian politicians will spend the money fighting each other while the masses die.

9. Our security agencies do not waste time getting to the root of issues when you are the target.

10. Nigerian politics is that of bitterness. It’s a dangerous politics. People play politics unto death.

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