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Gbajabiamila explains how, why he bought wife G-Wagon

Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has reacted to criticisms that have trailed his gift of Mercedes G-Wagon to his wife, explaining that he saved for “a couple of years” to buy his wife the luxury SUV.

The lawmaker’s Mercedes Benz G-Wagon gift to his wife on her 50th birthday created a buzz on social media. 

Reacting in a statement on Thursday, he stated that the “Assurance” gift to his wife should not be seen as a display of flamboyance, adding that the monetary value of the gift is nothing compared to what his spouse has been to him.

Gbajabiamila explained that the presentation was meant to be a family affair, however, it was delayed and arrived when guests were already around.

According to him, ”I took the decision far back to present her with a significant gift, she was totally unaware of, to convey in part, the debt of my gratitude for her standing by me through thick and thin.

“I could never be half the man I am today without her support and unbelievable understanding.

“Truly, the monetary value of any gift, real or imagined, pales in significance when I consider how much of a rock and pillar she has been to me.

“As a public officer, one must be held to a higher standard.

“But I would rather want it to be seen as what it is; an expression of appreciation of deep love for my wife of almost thirty years, rather than one of flamboyance.”

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