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Insecurity: Senate considers special budget for security agencies

Rising from over five hours closed-door session with security chiefs, Wednesday, the Nigeria Senate has asked heads of security agencies to present special budget to enable them tackle insecurity in the country.

Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki said the upper chamber having listened to Security Chiefs, who were present, discovered that there were funding challenges, hence, the Senate needed to intervene.

He further explained that protocols that needed to restrict the use of light weapons and firearms would be fast tracked.

He added that security agents must find a way to end kidnapping in Nigeria, while assuring that lawmakers were out to play their role.

“The Chief of Defense Staff, Director General of the Department of State Security Services, Comptrollers General of Customs and Immigration Service were here.

“We asked them to present special budgets for us to approve for them after we listened to their challenges.

“There is need for proper coordination of security activities among security agencies.

“As senators, we have our role to play and they also have their role to play”, Saraki emphasised.

Wednesday’s security briefing followed a motion which was adopted last week on the worrisome insecurity in Nigeria.

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what can I say! In Nigeria there are two laws. One for the poor and another for the rich. The one for the rich is called HIGH PROFILE LAW FOR HIGH PROFILE CASES INVOLVING HIGH PROFILE CRIMINALS. High profile criminals are those public officers who steal billions of Naira and Millions of Dollars. They are not supposed to be arrested and hand-cuffed, but simply and courteously invited by the police or EFCC. They would be interviewed (not interrogated) and made to appear in court. They would plead not guilty and get bail in perpetuity and remain innocent until proven otherwise. They don’t ever go to jail. If a difficult judge sentences a high profile criminal to jail, he/she serves the few months sentence in ”5 Star” high profile hospital. End of the story

A law maker tells the world he received bribe to expose the giver. This makes Nigeria look stupid as the caliber of people they have as lawmakers. If you sense bribe is being offered, why not call the police at the scene and the culprit will be arrested immediately. After you collected the money, you kept it, and still keeping it, denied at first and now admits. What a country you are all living in. 

We can now clealy understand what OBJ was trying to tell us few weeks ago when he said that the present set of National Assembly members are thieves

Let  this man called Abati keep short, so he has voice now to speak with d look of things if the presidency is accused of having hand in the saga, we could say yes cos the FG never love the good spirit this Lawal F. Ad hoc committee apply to without wasting much time come out with d finding which i know prevented the wicked FG not to continue in his wicked plan of high-jacking the fuel pump price last April. Not quiet long the presidency was accused of having hands in a malabo oil rig that involved whooping sum of 150 smthing billion naira Mr.Abati could not come on air to tell us why the said money was shared among them….now u av gut to come up and tell us this trash. U better get lost……GOD IS IN HEAVEN WATCHING U AND UR BOSS AND THOUSAND OF ROGUES AND THIEF AS BABA-IYABO SAID ,benefiting from the loot and taking Nigerians calmness and long suffering as means to defraud us