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Lai Mohammed speaks on Buhari’s second term, insecurity

The Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, has bragged that President Muhammadu Buhari is healthy and that his policies will “easily” earn him re-election in 2019.

Mohammed also pointed to some progress against Boko Haram militants, such as breaking their grip on territory.

He further revealed that the reason for the farmers-herdsmen clash had to do with diminishing resources than ethnic or religious inclinations.

He told Bloomberg in an interview: “He (Buhari) is very strong and well. I have never lost sleep over the re-election. Buhari will easily win.”

On Boko Haram insurgeny, Mohammed said: “We are using third parties, including foreign parties, through backdoor channels. But the challenge is that there are many factions.”

On farmers-herdsmen crisis, the Minister said: “The talks are looking good. Some people will criticize this and say how about all those people they killed. But we cannot continue to be stranded in the past forever. We should think about the future, and want a peaceful future.

“The issue is not ethnic or religious, but a problem of diminishing resources, a growing population and climate change that’s dramatically reduced the size of Lake Chad and disrupted the economy in the region.”

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