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MKO Abiola: Anglican archbishop rubbishes Buhari’s declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day

The Archbishop of Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Diocese of Calabar, Most Rev’d. Tunde Adeleye has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s declaration of June 12 as new date for the celebration of Democracy Day as rubbish, adding that the move is comical.

Speaking on phone with DAILY POST on Thursday, he said “I saw it is as a comedy, it is laughable and meaningless. What are they honouring him for, is it to woo people to their sides, to make people imagine and think that they are doing well?

“Is it to repair the damages they have done on Nigerians, is it to bring food back to the people where they have taken the food away from, what is it meant for. It is a cajole, it is a fun, it is a demonstration of idleness in the hands of this government, it is a manifestation of exhaustion of sense and sensibility, it is a rubbish.

The religious leader maintained that “It (the declaration) doesn’t do anything for us. M. K. O. Abiola was denied Presidency, full stop and whether you make him the King of the world it’s not important.”

He noted that President Buhari and his government were merely looking for away to attract the people they have estranged, adding that “they are looking for a way to pretend that they are building when in the natural fact they are destroying. It is a deceit, it is a comedy.”

Adeleye asserted that the change in government in 2015 has no meaning, “When we change from previous government, we only changed monkey to baboon, they are all the same.

“You see we are not yet there, the beautiful ones are not yet born. We don’t have people who love this country but I am praying as a Christian that one day for sure, God will produce men and women that will love this country, think good for this country and produce good for this country.

“You imagine this government saying they are signing ‘Not too young to rule bill’ but barred youths not to participate until 2019. It is rubbish and demonstrated, “Your son is very hungry for breakfast and you make breakfast and your son look at this breakfast and you said, it is for you but don’t take it now until launch.

“That is exactly what this government is doing. It is pure wickedness, callous, destructive, all what they are doing is nonsense. That is my view, I can’t change it until millions of Nigerians have jobs,” he emphasized.

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