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Parties react to Ohanaeze’s single term proposal for president, govs

Some political parties in the country, on Tuesday, disagreed with Ohanaez Ndigbo on six-year single term for president and governors.

National Chairman of Labour Party, Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam, in a chat with NAN, said although he did not oppose the clamour for restructuring, such proposal by the Ohanaeze would not work.

“No, I don’t agree with that! Everybody has his concept of what Nigeria’s structure should be. So that is their own concept of restructuring.

“My own concept of restructuring may be different. So everybody is free to express whatever he or she believes on how Nigeria should be restructured,” he said.

Barrister Kehinde Edun, National Secretary, Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA), also disagreed with the recommendation, saying the present system is still the best.

“I believe a two-term arrangement is still the best. If in your first term in office you performed well, people will appreciate you by voting you for the second term.

“But if you know you will only be there for one term, you can do whatever you like. Although there may be some checks and balances but how many people have been engaged in Nigeria.

“Once they get there, there will be executive power which they use to continue to suppress the people and do whatever they like and get away with it,” he remarked.

Abdulrazaq Yusuf, the National Secretary of United Democratic Party (UDP), stated that the idea by the Ohanaeze is a welcome development.

“This will address issues of lack of inclusion. People don’t feel included in governance. That is why there is this cry of marginalisation across board, even the northerners are crying about being marginalized. So this might be a way of solving the problem of exclusion in government,” he stressed.

“The idea that a government comes, it doesn’t do much in four years and it claims that it does not have enough time and that it will now work in the second term will be resolved.

“Once a president or governor knows that he has only six years, he starts working from day one because he knows he is not coming back. This may help us,” he said.

Mr Kenneth Udeze, the National Chairman of Action Alliance (AA), also noted that there is nothing wrong with the position of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

“The most important thing is for us to have the capacity to lobby the legislators to make sure that this thing is being built in our constitution.

“Without this coming into the constitution, it can never work. A lot of people have wonderful ideas, great ideas of restructuring, true federalism, fiscal federalism. All these are options.

“So my party is not against it. That is why our party’s slogan is let the masses live. Whatever thing that will be for the common good of the masses is what we support,” he said.

Dr Yunusa Tanko, National Chairman of the National Conscience Party (NCP), who expressed reservation,
said the proposal by the south east region is debatable.

“For the issue of one tenure in office, it may work for six year term but each has its own challenges. There is this impunity; the moment that it is six year, he knows that he only has one tenure. So he can do and undo.

“The idea of having a two term in office is that when you do well, people will vote you again and if you don’t do well, they will easily remove you.

“So you have the fear of wanting to do better because you know you will seek for a reelection. So a tenure may not be too visible and it will not give room for performances as it were.”

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