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Soulmates & the False Concept of Perfect Relationships

A soul mate is often portrayed as that person whose life just perfectly melds with yours as if you have known each other from the womb.

This is an idea that has sadly been promoted and elevated too high in the hearts of people.

The image is created and peddled that there’s someone you’ll meet, with whom everything will be smooth sailing from when you both meet till death do you part.

In reality, however, that is nothing but a cliché that needs to be urgently bundled and tossed down a bottomless hole.

Everyone needs to wake up to a realisation that the people who actually end up fitting the concept of soul mates in your life do not always come in shining armour or fit the Hollywood narrative of fairy tale romance.

Soul mates may come in the form of that guy or that girl with whom there is no middle ground – it’s either you’re riding the waves of ecstatic romance, or clawing at each other like cats and dogs often do.

They make you question your own sanity, because, despite all of this, you’ll find that you still love them as passionately as ever.

That’s most likely what Rihanna and Neyo were feeling when they sang ‘Hate that I love you,’ and Pink must have felt that type of way too when she wrote her song ‘True Love.’ [You should check out the lyrics of that.]

If you ever feel this way with someone, it’s OK. It does not always mean the future of the relationship is doomed, and ultimately, it does not mean that they are not your soulmate.

It is not only the instant connection and hitchless romance you build with someone that qualifies him or her as a soul mate.
The core idea of a soul mate, which seems to be lost on many people is that they help you grow beyond your fears, self-doubts and insecurities.

So while they might come into your life and not be scared to call you out on your bullshit and lay bare your weaknesses and flaws, they’ll also not be scared to stick around and help you grow past these things.

You might hate it at first, and the fact that they seem to get under your skin will likely make you kick back, hoping to push them away and shield yourself behind the wall you’ve always hidden behind.

A soul mate, in the original, truest form will not only stick with you, but also open up their hearts and lay it bare before you so that you see their own frailties and vulnerabilities, too.
Then you can both grow together with a mutual understanding that you are not individually perfect, but together you make an A-team, and that is when you really, truly become soul mates. Not before.

Source: Pulse

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