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Student snatches his teacher’s wig in front of classmates (video)

A discourteous student grabbed his teacher’s wig in class while his classmates watched, then proceeded to dribble her as she tried to collect her wig back from him.

In a video shared online, the teacher can be seen scolding the boy before he reached for her head, grabbed her wig and ran off to the surprise of the woman and other students.

He ran to the back of the class and began dancing with the wig as his mates laughed and screamed. His teacher went after him to collect the wig but he kept it away from her reach then dribbled her, before running out of the class.

The incident occurred in LeFLore High School in Mobile, Alabama. According to reports, the boy is a freshman and the woman is a substitute teacher. The boy asked her for permission to go to the bathroom and she got angry and asked him to go back to his seat, hence the attack.

He really snatched the teacher wig off LMFAOOOOO ?I just know he got bout 10 days home

— $hizere (@puuscfeiin) March 11, 2019

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