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VIDEO: Abiodun – Living for the Positive

German-Nigerian singer; Abiodun from Bantu returns with brand new single titled “Living for the Positive“,  released by Ajazco Records on 13th of April 2018. Abiodun is probably one of the artists you have already heard of, but probably do not know. He has been active under the moniker “Don Abi” collaborating with artists such as Bantu, Gentleman, Xavier Naidoo, Patrice, Gregory Isaacs, Keziah Jones and Maceo Parker since the mid-1990s. He gained fame in Germany as a member of the Afro-German collective Brothers Keepers which sold over 220,000 copies of their single “Adriano (the final warning)”.

“Living for the Positive”, is the first of several singles from his upcoming album “Crossing Over”, to be released in the Fall of 2018. It marks Abiodun’s comeback to the concert halls and music industry.

“Living for the Positive” could also be called “Moving out of the Negative”. The song describes a positive attitude to life that can be encountered unexpectedly. Musically, “Living for the Positive” is unmistakably inspired by the legendary Soul Sound of Stax and Motown from the 1960s, most especially the chorus with its heavy hitting background choirs which reminds us of the hopeful message (the gospel of love) – an intriguing mix of up-tempo, rock and soul power.

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