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How Infected Wuhan Patients May Have Spread The Corona Virus Globally (See Graphics)

How Infected Wuhan Patients May Have Spread The Corona Virus Globally (See Graphics)

How far has the Covid-19 novel corona virus spread?

That is likely to become one of the biggest questions that people are wondering about, when so many countries seem to be reporting new cases of infections around the world. And that’s no surprise, given the fact that the virus itself is highly transmissible, with research estimating that one infected individual can spread the virus to 2.5 other people on average!

Well, in a report by News Australia and the New Zealand Herald, researchers from Britain’s Southampton University World Pop Project have managed to piece together a predictive map to show just how far the Covid-19 infection could wind up spreading across the world.

This graphic, which paints a rather terrifying look into where the virus could wind up spreading to in the span of three months, was created based off on information that was obtained from mobile phone data from Baidu and flight data of 60,000 Wuhan residents that left the country in the critical two-week period prior to the city’s complete lockdown.

“Because significant spread has already occurred, a large number of airline travelers (3.3 million under the scenario of 75 per cent travel reduction from normal volumes) may be required to be screened at origin high-risk cities in China… to effectively limit spread beyond its current extent.” said the authors of the study.

This substantial number of Wuhan citizens who left the city limits before the lockdown are apparently consistent by Wuhan authorities, as five million of the city’s 11 million population had already left by the time it was placed into lockdown.

In Malaysia alone, 19 people have so far been confirmed to be infected with the Covid-19 novel coronavirus.

With figures like these, it’s definitely worth keeping in mind that the best way to keep yourself in the pink of health is by practising good hygiene habits. Wash your hands often and if you are unwell, stay home until you feel better! Be safe, everyone!

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